Payroll and Contract Crew Services

If your operational requirements call for a third-party payroll service and/or the engagement of contractors, Strom Direct's payroll solutions offer convenience, flexibility and peace of mind:
  • Dedicated Payroll and Compliance Groups
    Since all the payroll personnel provided by Strom Direct are Strom employees, they are fully covered through our Workman's Compensation plan. In addition Strom Direct has extensive coverage for all Aviation Liabilities which fully covers flight and ground crew.
  • Full Insurance Coverage
    Strom Direct's compliance experts will review and retain all candidates’ credentials including employment eligibility (I-9), licenses, criminal and driving records, employment verification and reference checks. We also perform drug screens on all aviation personnel and maintain a DOT drug program confirming to FAA requirements.
  • Thorough Employment Verification
    Optional Benefits for Payroll Employees
  • Unlike many other staffing companies, Strom Direct has a dedicated in-house group of professionals with experience in complex payroll and compliance issues specific to the aviation industry. Strom Direct never outsources payroll processing, ensuring the utmost flexibility of setup for our clients. Our in-house services allow us to instantly address any issues that may arise during the payroll process and to ensure full compliance with all applicable employment and tax laws.
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Leave the administrative hassle of payroll and personnel administration to Strom Direct. Our 20 plus years of experience will ensure that all employment and insurance challenges are handled with care, providing you with peace of mind.

Typical Payroll Applications

  • Outsourced Payroll
    There are many benefits in electing to outsource some if not all of your fulltime employees. Strom Direct provides you with the opportunity to payroll employees through utilizing us as the employer of record. All employees are fully insured and additional benefits can be incorporated to suit your organizational desires.
  • Contractors
    Strom Direct payroll services offer your organization a flexible and fully compliant solution to your temporary staffing needs.
    Do you occasionally or regularly employ the services of contract Pilots, Flight Attendants and/or Operations? Let Strom Direct take on the payroll burdens of these contractors, ensuring your full compliance with employment and tax regulations. This arrangement also ensures that your contractors are fully insured and vetted.
  • Short Term Assignments
    Have an urgent short term need for your operation? Contact us today for short term contract crew support.